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Classic Kitchens:

Alice, that is rediscovering the classical style to readapt it into a contemporary key. The shelves with your objects on sight, the wide cupboards, drawers and boxes. All the elements allow ALICE to give you a great deal of solutions for your needs. The designing choice of decapé is equally pondered on: just to assure a cosier area in order to give the kitchen back its self-evident and important part in your home.

A better way of living in an exclusive world, a pleasant world, full of personality, with a classical trend on the whole. In a world where things are changing fast, where only the classical beauty can stay the course of time, there is Alessia, a kitchen with a double personality: chestnut-wood and cherry-wood. Innovation and quality, without forgetting tradition. Every detail resumes the best shape and function. A first sight love, a masonry solution reminding of quality and simplicity. Class tastefully shows these important furnishing suggestions.

Tradition in your kitchen means to search for old traces in your memory, of bright familiarity and missing the old crowded laid tables: a return to simplicity and to tradition, to the freedom of living in your kitchen with the warm color of walnut. The use of the ergonomics to reduce stress and time, to make a very good use of spaces and volumes. The harmony of shapes is enhanced by the simple and sober lines of this cosy kitchen.

This kitchen, a classical and well-balanced line, shows its love for tradition. A model dedicated to those people who love the warmth of wood capable to remind you of lost emotions. The past and the present join together for the functionality of the daily needs. Functional details for present needs. 

Il colore è irrinunciabile in cucina e spesso definisce zone e funzioni. Tutti i colori, nei toni primari o in sfumature moda, abbinate ad essenze o al grigio dell'acciaio, danno vita a composizioni giovani e funzionali.

 A new idea of classical style, inspired to the great tradition of the art furniture, interpreted thinking to our modern houses. Erica imitates the old atmosphere and spaces but it goes beyond the period furniture thanks to its up-to-date shapes and volumes, capable to renew the usual idea of the classical style. Wide working tops, up-to-date cases and materials, easily maintained: these are the elements enabling to organize very well an efficient space you can live without difficulty. To appreciate a product you need to look at it close up. You could find out the great quality, even in the smallest detail.

The functionality joins together with a few materials shaped by an exclusive design. A kitchen conceived to integrate the warm color of walnut to the functionality of the modern technology. The design of this project-kitchen is never an end in itself. The under sink element with a curtain, the personalized hood and other structural details meet the requirements of functionality and beauty. Looking for a balance between the past and the present, news and memories; taking care of beauty in materials and shapes. It recovers a continuity with your environment, a sturdy and traditional kitchen. A masonry kitchen to meet your own needs.

This classical kitchen with its harmonious shapes shows the love for tradition. A model for those people who love the warmth of wood able to remind of lost emotions. Some unique details for this model with a classical flavor but well equipped for the greatest comfort. A gas cooker such as in the thirties, for the most carefully prepared gastronomical specialties.


A bright, cosy, and traditional kitchen inspiring the feeling for the past. It is the memory of the old kitchens, melting-pot and essential place of the house, extremely careful of innovation joining harmoniously together the old and the new. The use of the up-to-date technologies, without giving up the warmth of walnut and the easiness of large spaces, makes it an original and unique kitchen. Very refined, Ricordi inspires calm, functionality and an elegant way of living. Walnut, selected in the natural shades, gives it a warm simplicity.


A good combination of modernity and tradition. Some little details give life to the functional modernity of design: the flowing bending of the front doors, the refined decoration of the handle, the warmth of cherry-wood. This is a kitchen designed by those people who believe in the beauty of lines, in the stability of materials, in those values of tradition and culture producing solidity and harmony. Classical atmospheres with an old flavor for this space enhanced by Serena details.


A kitchen with a classical beauty. Two different finishing for the front doors: chestnut-wood and white. Some traditional colors but with a present spirit that, together with the various elements making the composition, offer a choice for everyone and a modularity for all the spaces. A modern line inspired to the traditional shapes. Perfect for classical rooms, it gives warmth to the modern ones. It realizes the elegance requirement of living. Ylenia brings back to life the true values of the past and you can recover the desire for a good product.

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Modern Kitchens:


The pastel colors perfectly adapt themselves to the door design, softened on the four sides. It stands out not only for its unique design but also for the choice and the use of the up-to-date technological materials.

Some essential lines responding to the proper idea of kitchen, combined with countless details and an innovative design. If necessary, the essentiality of the front door can be enhanced by a chromatic matching. Some original lines for a new kitchen where everything is well-prepared.
A functional, suspended kitchen. For super functional details. The bar holds all the utensils necessary for the good working of your kitchen.


A few precise lines with natural and neutral shades. A coming back to the warm cherry-wood, matched to the lacquering, with aluminum and steel details, that makes this project an essential, technological and functional living kitchen. This is the element featuring Amica. Its essential shape, combined to its functionality, makes this element indispensable to every composition. There is a wide aluminum working top, equipped to have everything within reach. To frame this solution, wood joined together a white lacquering.

It is impossible to do without the color in the kitchen and often it makes clear areas and functions. All the colors, either in the primary shades or in the fashionable nuances, combined with wood or the gray of steel, create a great deal of functional and fresh compositions. An intentionally essential kitchen with the greatest care for details, the front doors with built-in handles and the maxi cupboards made lighter thanks to the aluminum profiles. Some peculiar and functional solutions. The horizontal cupboard with a folding opening, the crystal shelves, the small drawers to range your utensils. Some elegant and functional cases you can put together according your needs.

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